Long story short

Designer and innovator, I am the co-founder of successful Slovak startup Slido that has been used in more than 140 countries all over the world, employs more than 120 people. Slido’s products are used by clients such as Airbnb, Netflix or Spotify. I enjoy growth hacking and consider company culture the base for success. I worked as a designer for automotive companies such as Audi and Škoda Auto. As an entrepreneur, I was active in many projects – thanks to them I learned how to face business issues – fail fast and don’t give up. I mentor small startup companies, participate in juries in start-up contests and support Slovak IT-Tech scene. I am passionate about mountain biking and documentaries.

Long story long


I was born and raised in the northern region of Slovakia called Orava – place named Vavečka. At the age of 18, I moved to the capital Bratislava. I studied marketing communications because I failed entrance exams for industrial design. At that time I thought a job in advertising would be cool.

At university, together with Michal Pastier, we established AdArena (advertisement blog) and Coolfinder.sk (blog on trends and gadgets).

During my university studies, I did an internship at Audi, in the Munich Design Center and Ingolstadt HQ. Those are the places where all the futuristic concepts for Audi, Seat, and Lamborghini are being designed.

I was a product designer for various interior car components such as controlling devices and luggage compartments. We were also allowed to „play“ with the exterior, working on the lights, electrons, buttons etc. For me, it was the best and the most prestigious experience.

I was offered to be an intern at the design department of Škoda Auto in Mladá Boleslav. As a graphic and product designer, I co-created a design for Škoda Bikes, outdoor clothing and various interior products. I participated in the redesign of the Škoda logo and creatively invented names for cars or their concepts (Joyster).

After many sleepless nights in design ateliers, I joined Slovak Radio Express as web & marketing manager. At that time we reached the highest rate of web visitors. My work was recognized and received various international awards.

From 2008 I worked as a freelancer: graphic designer and online marketer. I worked for brands like BMW, Orange, T-Com, VUB, Nokia or FunRadio. Some projects had been nominated for awards such as Zlatý Klinec and Effie Awards.

Along with jobs for clients, I also worked on my own projects. There were approx. 11 of them, some of them I sold, but the majority was no success at all.

In May 2012 I co-founded startup Slido. Slido has won more than 12+ international awards, we have supported more than 100 000+ events and worked with clients such as Uber, Airbnb or Netflix. Nowadays Slido employs more than 120 people, is in constant growth and has a couple of international branches.


I favor ethical principles in business and justice, value politeness and fair play. I am determined to change the things around me, also by supporting various non-profit organizations in Slovakia.

I like to create and play with perfection when inventing new logos. If you need one, let me know.


In my free time, I am into trail running, mountain biking & CrossFit. I am the founder Wod.sk, the first slovak CrossFit online magazine.

I love hiking, traveling with purpose and I would like to have my own dog once – a golden retriever. I am super curious and watch a lot of documentaries.

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