I am looking for new opportunities and challenges. I prefer entrepreneurship cooperations where I can join as a co-founder or partner. However, I am open to any type of partnership including existing projects.

I am mostly interested in:

Design connected with Sport

I’m interested in Outdoor & Sports clothes design. I love mountain biking, CrossFit and Outdoor, so I would love to find the connection between them.

My vision is to work on projects, which are close to the healthy lifestyle (Health, wellness, and fitness). My inspiration is the Slovak pro cycling apparel producer Isadore Apparel.

Investments in companies

With my previous company Slido, we have succeeded to build a profitable global brand. It was a very varied journey, where we have faced different phases of the company’s development. I would like to use these experiences and cooperate with investors as a consultant for their investment portfolio (portfolio success). I am looking to cooperate with smaller investment firms or early-stage venture capital companies, which can benefit from my experience.

Get in touch with me. I will be looking forward to hearing about your project.

About me

I am an innovator and creative guy. My background is in design. I started as graphic designer and later moved into the filed of user experience design and then to growth hacking. I know how to come up with ideas, execute and test them. Thanks to my experience from various fields I enjoy being the ramp-up guy or strategist.

My areas of work are Design – Growth – Communication

Business designer

I love to craft and build new businesses. Figuring out how they will work in the marketplace thrills me. Lean Startup methodology, FailFast, and Agile are well-known concepts to me. I enjoy executing entry-to-market strategies, but also figuring out how to scale-up.

Growth hacking

I feel comfortable in the space of data, analytics, marketing and UX. I am always up for the challenge of acquiring new leads and taking advantage of identified opportunities. I like doing various marketing experiments and to seek answers as to which channels work the best.

UX & Design

I strongly believe the UX should not only be aesthetic or functional but must also increase business performance. Achieving that by conducting UX analyses and bringing improvement ideas is something I enjoy doing.
My specialization is User Interface Design (websites and applications).
Skills : Design of prototypes, Wireframes, Information architecture, User research, User flow, Personas

Integrity – Compliance – Synergy

I like to work with people who are close to topics of strong moral character and integrity.