I am looking for new opportunities and challenges. I prefer entrepreneurship cooperations where I can join as a co-founder or partner. However, I am open to any type of partnership including existing projects.

About me

I am an innovator and creative guy. My background is in design. I started as graphic designer and later moved into the filed of user experience design and then to growth hacking. I know how to come up with ideas, execute and test them. Thanks to my experience from various fields I enjoy being the ramp-up guy or strategist.

My areas of work are Marketing – Innovations – Growth

Business designer

I love to craft and build new businesses. Figuring out how they will work in the marketplace thrills me. Lean Startup methodology, FailFast, and Agile are well-known concepts to me. I enjoy executing entry-to-market strategies, but also figuring out how to scale-up.

Growth hacking

I feel comfortable in the space of data, analytics, marketing and UX. I am always up for the challenge of acquiring new leads and taking advantage of identified opportunities. I like doing various marketing experiments and to seek answers as to which channels work the best.

UX & Design

I strongly believe the UX should not only be aesthetic or functional but must also increase business performance. Achieving that by conducting UX analyses and bringing improvement ideas is something I enjoy doing.
Skills : Design of prototypes, Wireframes, Information architecture, User research, User flow, Personas

Get in touch with me. I will be looking forward to hearing about your project.